How Pulp Fiction changed the filming world in 2 and 1/2 hours.

Synopsis of Pulp Fictionpulp

Pulp Fiction follows multiple different story lines filled with witty dialogue that keeps you entertained until the very end. The twist is that the story plays out of order in the actual timeline. It stars a fighting Bruce Willis, druggie Uma Thurman, and Hit-men Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta. The entirety of the film keeps you guessing at every scene, not fully knowing what will happen next. Even though it was produced over 20 years ago, it is still talked about by everyone in the filing industry and was the start of a filming revolution. But how did it become so successful?

Origin of the story

Ptarantinoulp Fiction was the first independent film to gross over $200 million. In 1992 the director, Quentin Tarantino, had written the story of the film in dozens of notebooks. There were literally hundreds of pages of chicken scratch. But each page was a tons of notes that couldn’t be overlooked. When it was sent to his editor there were over 9000 grammatical mistakes. After it was advised, Tarantino kept the errors because he liked them. This proved to everyone that you didn’t have to be a great writer to have great ideas.

Tarantino would push the boundaries of filming by trying to test every shot possible, from every angle. He also chose to do something called “The Iron Curtain Strategy.” They only showed two screenings of the film before it’s actual release. This gave the full effect of the film when actually came out later. Tarantino was constantly trying new things that others had not done before and of course it worked.

The Unexpectedjohn trav

One of the biggest secrets to success of filming is to catch the audience off guard.  Pulp Fiction had tons of moments that no one ever saw coming. Like when John Travolta’s character shot a man in the head on accident. They were just having some simple dialogue when BANG! the gun he was holding goes off  and splatters the poor mans bits of brain and blood everywhere.

For fans of great movie endings that came unexpectedly: Furious 7: A Fine Farwell to a Patriarch


say whatAnother thing this film had that everyone else didn’t: witty dialogue. The scene where Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta’s characters go kill the men who did their boss wrong, is a prime example. Jules (Jackson) asks a character named Brett what Masellus Wallace (Their boss) looks like. He then retorts with the infamous “What?” Jules replies by saying “What country are you from?” Brett repeats himself and Jules gets angry and says “What aint no country i’ve ever heard of. What they speak in what?” Brett repeats himself again. Jules replies with one of the most famous lines in movie history. “ENGLISH MOTHERFUCKER DO YOU SPEAK IT??” This is meant to be an intense scene but Tarantino makes it to be a laughing matter as we laugh at his fear of Jules.

There were also times where the acting was actually improv. The scene where Vincent (Travolta) tells Jules that they don’t say Quarter Pounder in France. Instead he says that they call it a “Royale with cheese.” At a later time, Travolta admitted that he added in the improv for his own liking. Tarantino apparently liked it so he kept the scene the way it was. Dialogue is almost as important as the camera you film with. If you can’t tell a good story with the actors, then you have no film.

In Short

These are just some of the things that made this film one for the ages and possibly one of the best of all time. A healthy mix of dialogue, camera angles, and the unexpected aspect of a film can do wonders. This is why I’m daring to say that this my favorite movie and i hope it’s never forgotten.


Internet Topic Article- Chapter 11

Net Neutrality: What is it?

net newNet Neutrality pretty much says that Internet Service Providers need to treat all of their customers the same and not charge each one separately  based on how you stream the data. In 2007, Comcast was purposefully slowing down its uploads for customers using peer-to-peer file sharing. This means that they were sharing music, movies, books, etc. digitally through the internet. Time and time again internet users everywhere are trying to push for equality for all users, no matter what the use is. Net Neutrality gives everyone the freedom to speak online.

However, in 2014, Tom Wheeler developed a plan to purposefully get rid of net neutrality  for good. Little did they know the public fought against his notion in a big way. So far that Tom Wheeler ditched his plan and ended up adding new Net Neutrality rules in the Communication Act.

Open Internet Orderinternet

To prevent Internet Providers from interfering with people internet use, the FCC Open Internet Order tried to make a bold stand. It made sure that everything online was fair and just to use as they please. This is where we get Net Neutrality from! (GASP)

However, it didn’t make it past the ruling because there were some questions behind it and it wasn’t a fool proof plan. It also lacked the authority to make these rules happen. The court didn’t rule against the idea but they did vote against it because it could not be enforced. They even suggested that redoing the idea over would give some power to it. They thought it as a great concept, but it wasn’t quite there yet.


Yes, a redo. That’s what the court wants so that’s what they’ll get. But this isn’t a redo like starting over completely, it’s more of like looking back over the 1996 Telecommunications Act and seeing how they feel after that. In this Act, it strictly states that the Internet wasn’t intended to be treated the same way as other means of communication. Since it has such a variety of access networks, the FCC is required to treat the network owners as “common carriers.” This means that they couldn’t discriminate against the data that flows from one computer to another.

Net Neutrality and Business

moneyIf you are a small business owner, or some kind of entrepreneur, you constantly rely on open Internet to get your business started. This is how advertising for small businesses thrive in the real world. If there is no Open Internet, unemployment will rise and there will be no competition between businesses. The company with the most money that Daddy gives them will thrive while the smaller ones will smolder on the ground. Doesn’t sound fair right? Who knows who will have the next best idea to help the world. But sadly this will never happen if there is no open internet. The next big idea could be overlooked and who knows what good it will do to society.

Ethnic Justice?

People of color could not get their points of view about racism across without open internet. Everyday people of all ethnicity groups are constantly terrorized because of their ethnicity. ISP’s could block media saying anything about it. It will go unnoticed and swept under the rug. However, with Net Neutrality their voices can be heard and there can be justice for certain peoples wrong doings.  The internet plays a vital role in social and ethnic justice, and without it who knows what could happen?


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Topic Blogs Reviews -Chapter 7

First Blog: Bleacher Report

bleacher report


The bleacher Report keeps up to date with everything sports. From football, hockey, boxing, baseball, you name it. They’ve got it all. The latest in sports never gets unnoticed when The Bleacher report is at work!

Why I chose this:

I am a sports fanatic and when I need to know about the latest news, bleacher report always has my back. It’s very appealing visually and easy to maneuver around. They know exactly what I, as a consumer, wants in a website and they follow through on it.

Second Blog: /Film

slash film


/Film gives the very latest information on what going on in the filming world. You wanna know about some new films coming out in the future? /Film has your back. Do you want Movie synopsis? /Film’s got it.  Everything you could think of is on here.

Why I chose this:

The website is so easy to maneuver and easy to find your blog of interest. The blogs on the home page catch your attention with nice pictures that are appealing visually. They give you the information they know movie and film lovers alike love.

Third Blog: That Videogame Blog

videogame blog


As the name entails, this blog is about video games. There just isn’t enough blogs about games that are actually worth getting, but That Videogame Blog is one of the best. The competition is high and this site competes with the best.

Why I chose this:

The blogs provided here keeps everything honest. They know how to relate to gamers and they do it well. They have reviews for just about any game you could imagine. The variety of genres and sub-genres appeal to most people and it shows by their ratings.

Camera Stores in the Nashville Area



Believe it or not, there are actually camera stores still around! These are some of them in the Nashville area.

Everything you need to know about: The Tennessee Titans and Nashville

Who are the Tennessee Titans?

According to The Tennessee Encyclopedia of History and Culture, the Titans were first located at Houston, Texas as the Houston Oilers in 1960. However, in 1996, controversies arose when the founder, Bud Adams, couldn’t find a place in Houston to build a new stadium he wanted. (Read more about Bud Adams here.) The NFL franchise then moved to Nashville because there was an blue-helmetopportunity to build a 65,000 seated stadium. Then the city of Nashville had to make room for this massive stadium by moving many businesses to a different location and fixing the water and sewer systems. It was then funded by selling “lifetime season tickets” and borrowing money from the government. All together it costed around $151,000,000 to make this Bud Adam’s dream a reality.



When do the Titans play?

The usual NFL season starts in the early fall and ends in the middle of winter. For the 2015 season, the first regular season game will be played on September 13th and the last game ends on January 3rd. This past season the playoffs started on January 3rd and the Super Bowl was played on February 1st. Since every season in the National Football League is different year to year, you never know what franchise will have a breakout season. This means that even though the Titans had an off season this past year, doesn’t mean anything when Fall comes around.



Is it worth to money to go to a game?

Coming to a professional football game is always worth the money if it is available. Recently the Titans records have been off, but you never know who could be a playoff contender year by year. each team brings so much talent and ability, you never know what could happen. The ticket prices for last season were very reasonable. If you are around the area of Nashville antennessee_titans_seating_chart_at_lp_field_-_550x585d enjoy going to games frequently on Sunday’s, then season tickets will be the way to go. Signing up for this gives you huge discounts on lower level and club level seating. Concessions will range from 8-10 dollars. (Which is a steal compared to everywhere else) Spending your time watching high level athletes compete against each other while dining on fresh Nashville food is the way every Nashville resident should live during the fall.





Where is LP Field located?

LP Field looks over the Cumberland river and is near the infamous downtown Nashville. This beautiful stadium has been here for almost 20 years and hosts multiple events and concerts while the Titans are not in season. However, during the season they provide a valet service to the games for a fee. They also have a strict conduct policy so you can enjoy your gdownloadame/event without having a disruption without consequence. So, whenever the event at LP Field is over with, you can drive to the downtown area and be surrounded by live music and big clubs. This couldn’t be a better deal for your after party festivities.




Famous people who have played at LP Field

Nashville is known for music, specifically country music. So every summer Nashville hosts the CMA Music Festival. This is where some of the most famous country music artists in the whole country comes to perform for people in Nashville. The highlights of past few times have been Luke Bryan, Miranda Lambert, Jason Aldean, Lady Antebellum, and Tim McGraw. This festival is a luke bryanbig hit for country music lovers everywhere. If you really think about it, most of every established country music artist in the world has played sometime or another at LP Field. You’ve never experienced country music until you have visited Nashville.








So as you can see, Nashville is the perfect home for the Tennessee Titans. Looking over the famous downtown Nashville, LP Field has many games and events that are worth going to. It has everything from professional football games to converts of your famous country artist. Even if you’re not into the sports, downtown has many fun options to go participate in. The rich history of Nashville and the Tennessee Titans coincide with each other and if one wasn’t there, it just wouldn’t be the same.

Chapter 5 Part 1 & 2

Tennessee Titans: Audience Summary and Article Outline


The Tennessee Titans are a team in the National Football League. Their website gives all the information about games coming up, different trades in the draft, and what big moves they are about to make for the franchise.


Audience Analysis


According to Sports Business Daily, most of NFL fans are white married men between the ages of 35-44. They also usually don’t have children, own their own home, have some college education, and drive trucks. Almost all of your typical fans are in the United States (of course). 43.3% of Americans 18 and older are supposedly diehard fans.

Instead of writing to everyone, they write to this specific audience because they know that they will read what they post. These are the type of people who want their information quickly and easily readable in front of them.


Purpose for publication

The purpose for the Titans to have a website is to keep their fans up to date on the latest information about taveryhe franchise. But they don’t only have just news. It also has ticket options for the games in the season, videos & photos of the games that you might’ve missed or you want to be reminded of, and a team shop for all of your Titans merchandise needs.

It has everything your typical fan would want on a website. Most of everything is available on the front page. So there’s not any heavy digging into the website to find what you want, its just already there. While this informs you, it also entertains by have videos and photos of just plain amazing things every sports fan wants. The Titans do a great job making it user friendly for everyone.


Frequency of Publication

How fast a post goes up all depends on the time of the year. During the Spring when the NFL Draft is and in the Fall when the season is going on, is the when the most posts go up. Not a whole lot of action happens during the summer because all theyre doing is having practice and workouts. However, when something crazy happens to the franchise, the website is one the first things it goes up on. Even the official Twitter stream pops up on the home page so the audience can follow them and get more information as soon as possible.



The main competition that they have to deal with is other franchises and other sports news sites. The big and bad ESPN is always a topic of discussion. Lets face it. When most people search something in sports, the first thing that pops up is ESPN. When something happens to the Titans franchise, they have to IMMEDIATELY post it on their website before ESPN gets a hold of the information. But, they hold a slight advantage because the Titans post everything that happens to the program while ESPN just like the bigger news. This makes this site even more appealing to Titans fans because they know for a fact that they will get even more juicy details before anyone else does.



The only thing I would complain about would be how much information there is on just one page. They make it too user friendly. The audience will just usually stay at the first level and not continue any further. Instead of categorizing everything well, they just put everything out in the open on the Home page. This makes everything seem tangled up and there are things that you would miss if you just glanced at it.

The part that makes it great is that there are so many pictures and video link. It entertains your eyes so you can take in all the information. Its colorful and pleasing to the eyes so its not boring reading your article or watching your video. There is a sea of white and blue backgrounds and letters so you know that youre at the right place.


Information Challenges


There is a huge challenge when dealing with sports news. Today’s society wants information now. The longer it takes to post something the worse it is for the website. This also plays into the competition part. Everything is always ready and available when is comes out. In order for the franchise to succeed, it has to rely on its website keep up with the everyday information that comes out. This includes doing some digging on their own and not waiting for someone else to post something. You have to be aggressive and do everything humanly possible to get the information ready before everyone else. These challenges are tough but very dueable in the sports world.


Article Outline


I. The Tennessee Titans are a NFL franchise

II. How much are tickets?

1. They can range anywhere between $50-$250

III. When do they play?

1. Usually in the winter and Fall months

2. Depends whether they make the playoffs

IV. Where do they play?

1. Their home is in Nashville, TN.

2. They also play at many other venues.

V. When where they established?

1. They were established in 1998.

2. They were originally the Houston Oilers and they were established in 1960


Motel Six Burglar’s Attack Backlashes by Man’s Cane


Motel Burglar Nabbed by Man’s Cane.


Motel Six Burglar Scuffles With Man: Smithton Turns Himself In After Altercation With Wilson